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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Notes on a Scandal

Because I want Barque of Peter to be not so much a "blog" as an apologetics resource, I don't tend to comment on "current events", but stick to universal, timeless, theological articles.

However, I cannot simply say nothing about the current spate of media reporting on the Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church. As such, while I'm not going to devote an entire article in this location, I am going to link to the article that I wrote at my other blog, Doubting Thomist.

Notes on a Scandal (The title of this post links to that article, as well.)

Please read it, and consider the facts and the reality of the present situation, and keep our Holy Father, the whole Church, and especially our priests in your prayers. Most importantly, pray for the victims, that they may receive healing and peace.

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