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"Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will war on your side."

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Most Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Francis de Sales, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Dominic. Amen.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Intention & Definition

This being the pilot post, I think it appropriate to mention our (Gregory, and Christopher) intention; in a word, apologetics. That is, the process, and discipline of defending against an attack.

The term ‘apologetics’ derives from the Classical Greek word απολογία (apologia), and meant ‘defense.’ It was originally used in a legal framework in court. The κατεγορία (kategoria) would set out their charge(s), and the απολογία would make their defense. The parallel to our modern legal system is obvious: κατεγορία → prosecution, and απολογία → defense. So for our purposes then, Gregory and I will be offering a ‘defense’ against the ‘prosecutions’ that are often brought against the Church, Christians, and the nature of faith in general.

Now, it would be dishonest of us to hide our bias, or expect our readers to ferret it out of our writings, so we’ll offer it up front: we both write from a Catholic perspective. Hence our apologetics will reflect that bias, noting as you will, that we believe the Catholic Church to be the one, true Church founded from the time of Christ when St. Peter made his great confession (Matthew 16:13-19).

A Note on Biases: We all have them. We cannot think without them. They all stem from this, that, or the other presupposition and, as such, cannot be used as an argument against the person who holds them. For example, one cannot logically argue that Christopher and Gregory are wrong because they’re Catholic unless that person is willing to concede that s/he is also wrong because s/he is not Catholic. At that point, we’re not having honest intellectual discussion, but are simply mud-slinging and nothing more. So saying, comments such as “well you’re just bias,” or “you’re just speaking from your own bias,” will be met with a hearty “yes we are! And so are you!”

There are those who cynically maintain that apologists, or apologetes, are simply self-promoting, or spin-doctors for a certain cause, orthodoxy (right belief), or orthopraxy (right practice). There is no denying that this is the case, but not with the same negative contention already mentioned. The charge is the same one used as an example above – you’re just biased – and that’s quite true! The difference is that most apologists are not promoting their own cause (self-promoting), or trying to make things appear as they’re not (spin-doctoring); they’re promoting and defending an already established system (e.g., Catholicism, or Protestantism), and are actively engaged in removing false, or illusory appearances so the real can be seen.

To that end, Gregory and I have set up this site to promote and defend Catholicism, and follow in the train of other great apologists of the Faith – such as Dave Armstrong, and Scott Hahn – and hopefully incite a different, more considerate, and favourable understanding of the Roman Catholic Church in its opponents, and those trying to make a rational appraisal of Roman Catholic doctrine.

Christopher J. Freeman & Gregory Watson

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