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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just a Note...

For new readers who have stopped by from Doubting Thomist, or for new readers who have just randomly stumbled upon this venture, or for old readers who just haven't figured out the lay of the land, the most recent post that I make is always the first one, and on the front page are seven articles in descending chronological order. While that's the blogger way, it's not always the most logical sequence for reading apologetics articles such as these.

To alleviate the "when did he write an article on such-and-so topic?" burden, in the sidebar to the right of the main articles, below the subscription offers, below the About Me blurb, below the neat graphic of St. Isidore on the internet and a prayer for grace when surfing the web, there is a section titled "TOPIC INDEX" which has, obviously, an index of topics below. These topics are links to a blog post on this site that itself is an index of links to actual articles. Now, it's a fairly new blogsite, so I haven't got an exhaustive amount of articles so that every topic in the TOPIC INDEX has articles on every conceivable subject, but it's partly a guide for us when writing, to try to fill up those categories, and it's something for you all to look forward to, as well: "When is Gregory going to get around to writing a splendid article on Purgatory?!"

You will also note that most articles (this one excepted) have a bracketed "Category" blurb at the end. This shows which Index page you will find the particular link for this article--a reverse-directory, if you will.

Now, often these articles have overlapping topic categories, and when they do, that Category blurb is a little longer than usual, and, conversely, the link to the said article will appear in different Indexes. This happens especially in debates, because for whatever reason, my opponents have a hard time focussing on just one subject at a time (which is usually a result of having to argue against such vague propositions as "The Catholic Church is through-and-through evil because..."). As such, on occasion, you may want to read about the Eucharist, and you'll note a link to a discussion that only deals with the Eucharist peripherally. I apologise. I could link to it anyway, and the point may be lost amid the article, or I could not link to it at all, and the point will simply be lost. I chose the former method.

Note, I put all this work into the index shortly before Blogger made "Tags" available, and since I'd put so much work into it, I decided to keep it rather than using the Tags function--but it works on a similar principle.

I hope that this Note has been sufficiently clear to aid in the navigation of this site.
God bless you all,
Gregory Watson

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Joni said...

Thanks for clearing that up...

I'm sure we'll all get the hang of it eventually!

Joni said...

This is a request. I've been made aware of recent teachings on contemplative prayer which are making it more like Eastern meditation, yoga, etc., rather than a focus on God.

Could you do a post on contemplative prayer, and what it truly is? I'd be interested to know what the Church has taught and practiced over the centuries, as well as what the Church teaches now.

If there's already an article I can go to via your links, that would be good, too.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Gregory said...

Hi Joni,
I will definitely post something on true Contemplative Prayer as soon as I have adequate time to do it justice. It's an important subject to get right, so I agree with your concern about the misconceptions and mis-practices that have been encouraged lately.

I'm going on vacation starting on the 21st, until the beginning of August, so if it's not up before then, I hope you can endure the wait :)

Joni said...

I'll look forward to seeing your post. Have a good vacation!

Hidden One said...

Joni - your comment reminded me of a couple posts by Adoro of Adoro Te Devote on Contemplative vs Centering Prayer that might make a good starting point, I dunno.

Joni said...

I'll have to check into it. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...



So anonymous.